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Sound Therapy 

Sound Therapy Private Sessions by Angela

Sound Therapy with the Crystal bowls is a method of using sound to balance energy and heal. This is achieved through specific notes played on the bowls that coordinate to each of the energy centers within the body (chakras).

Everything is made of energy and our bodies are no exception. In our bodies we have 7 major chakras (wheels of energy) running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The spinning of each energy center is balanced in its natural state. Imbalances (overactive or under active) happen by disruptions to the physical, emotional or spiritual body. This can be anything from daily stress to severe trauma.

We all have the natural ability to heal ourselves. In a sound therapy session the environment to heal oneself is provided through my methods. You will simply lay down and surrender to sound in order to restore each of your 7 chakras to their natural vibration/state.

Angela Ferdinand, ERYT-200; Sound Therapist

Private/group sessions (up to 5 ppl) at Mountain Yoga by appointment

$100 hour

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