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Mountain Yoga

There's no place like "Om"...

359 South Mountain Blvd, Mountain Top PA

Soul Flow  Wednesdays in September at 6:30pm  

An energetic exploration of asana and beyond. Dig deep, move beyond your the "story" and awaken the soul. All levels are welcome as the practice is adaptable to meet you right where you are. Vinyasa flow, breathing, meditation, & insightful reflection will move us slowly, patiently, compassionately, & lovingly toward the authentic self. Soulful awakening! Explore the practice & illuminate the soul. 

Walk ins welcome. Regular class rates apply.

Spirits in Flow  Wendesdays  October 3, 10, 17, & 24 at 6:30pm
Meet the “ghosts behind the poses” in this 4 week series: A strong vinyasa flow filled with lore about the namesakes of the poses: the warrior Virabhadra, Lord Shiva, Parvati, Chandrashekara, 3 Faces of Dattatreya, and even the “corpse” of Savasana.
Deepening our understanding of the practice & awakening to the spirit of the pose invites self discovery & the opportunity for beautiful transformation.
What to expect: vinyasa flow yoga, pranayama, yogic mythology & lore, points to ponder in the practice, meditation, reflection, suggestions for home practice and journaling.
4 week series: $50
Individual session: $15
(Peace pass accepted at no additional charge; voluntary donations can be offered but are not required)

Yoga for Athletes   Wednesdays from 8:30pm-9:15pm  ongoing

A class designed with the unique needs of athletes in mind. Class will emphasize release of tight hamstrings & hips; easing of low back discomfort; mind-body awareness; mental focus and stamina; release of fascia; core stability; overall flexibility & functional movement; breathing techniques; meditation & positive affirmation. 

Reservations are appreciated. Regular class rates apply.

Mom & Me Yoga   Fridays at 10:30am (ongoing; check "schedule" for updates)

...a yoga class where babies & kids are welcome! Babies, kids, & friends gather every Friday for a yoga practice surrounded by love. Little ones may snooze, kids join in the practice, play, or explore while Moms enjoy a lighthearted practice for any level. Stretch, flow, breath, and discover ways to find calm amidst the inevitable surprises of parenthood. 

Walk ins welcome.    Reservations appreciated.  $12 


FREE Community Yoga in the Park: Summer Series  Saturdays at 9am June through September

All are welcome to practice in the park. Join us one and all at Wright Twp Park in Mountain Top. We will meet on the tennis courts.

Bring a mat, water, sunscreen, an open heart, and a friend. Mountain Yoga has been serving the Mountain Top and surrounding communities & offering FREE Summer Yoga in the Park since 2010 raising the vibration of peace, love, wellness, & community for all. 

SUPPORT "MIDGE'S MISSION": donations of toiletries & personal care items will be collected all summer. Midge's Mission distributes these items to those in need. Thank you for any and all donations.

Please join us!  Note: Class is weather permitting. Check the "schedule" page for updates or call if questioning whether class will take place. 

Full Moon Meditation  Monday, September 24th at 7:30pm

Gather with us as we spend time in quiet reflection in the light of the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon reminds us of what we've been working toward all year — and what remains to be done before 2018 begins.
If you observed August's full moon, you spent last month in preparation mode, executing those needling (but necessary) tasks at work, handling household chores, and tackling difficult conversations with your friends or partner. Now you get to see that hard work pay off. New opportunities may arise, now that your schedule and closet are clearer than they were last month. 
No full moon comes without a warning of changes yet to arrive. Now that you've seen your summertime efforts come to fruition, it's time to look ahead to the winter and start reflecting on what you want out of the remainder of 2018. Start thinking about how you can start to make your dreams a reality.  With the expansive full moon fueling your ambition, even the smallest steps will leave a major impact.

All are welcome. Regular class rates apply.

Tibetan Monks: "Sacred Earth & Healing Tour" at Mountain Yoga   Wednesday, September 26th (schedule of events below)

The Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse Monastic College in Southern India will be spending the day at Mountain Yoga as we support each other in embracing diversity, peaceful unity, and a global perspective. The monks are looking forward to sharing the Buddha's teachings and will offer personal blessings, healing rituals, workshops, lecture, meditation, and fellowship. All proceeds will support their mission and are tax deductible. Please make a reservation for each session you plan to attend.

9am-4pm Private Personal Healing Sessions by appointment (suggested donation $75)
5:30pm Kids Butter Sculpting Workshop (ages 4-14+) (suggested donation $15) 

7:00pm Evening Lecture & Q&A:"6 Perfections: Ethics, Patience, Effort (joyful perseverance), Concentration, Wisdom, Generosity" (suggested donation $15)

We are honored to host this tour and hope you will join us!

8 Day Energy Transformation: Chakra Series  Dates TBA
Days 1-7: Journey through a Chakra (energy center) each day through in depth discussion on the chakra and how it plays a role in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. An asana (poses/movement), pranayama (breath), and meditation practice designed specifically around each energy center will give you an in depth understanding of the chakra as well as provide the opportunity for personal growth/healing in that area of your life. Each daily practice will be specifically designed to resonate deep within the energy center we are focusing on. Suggested activities will be offered to take your practice off the mat. Bring a journal to take notes and also to document your transformation. Corresponding essential oils will be offered to enhance your experience (optional).

Day 8:  "Total Chakra" Balancing - this transformative practice will include an extended savasana with the healing sounds of the crystal bowls.  Arrive “hOMe” after these 8 days “aligned & awakened”.

Day 1: Root Chakra "Grounding Vinyasa"
Day 2: Sacral Chakra  "Yin/Yang Happy Hippy Hour"
Day 3:  Solar Plexus "Fire Inside" Vinyasa
Day 4:  Heart Chakra  "Heart Opening Bhakti Flow"
Day 5: Throat Chakra  "Chilling, Chatting, Chanting"
Day 6:  Third Eye Chakra  "Body Prayer"
Day 7:  Crown Chakra  "Wisdom WithYin"
Day 8:  "Aligned & Enlightened" Total Chakra Balancing Crystal Bowl Session
Regular Rate:  $160;  Peace Pass Holders Rate: $150
Individual Sessions: $25