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359 South Mountain Blvd, Mountain Top PA

NOW is the PERFECT time to start yoga!

To begin, begin....

‚ÄčNew to Yoga?  We have several classes regularly on the schedule that are "Beginner Friendly".  Beginners classes are held periodically (see schedule for update).  Try a "Gentle Flow" class for a slower paced class with a bit more instruction. Any Body's Yoga (chair yoga) is also a nice class to get started with the basics by using the support of a chair.  "YogaBliss" will allow you to get to know the basic stretches to relieve stress in the body & begin to quiet the mind.  "All Level" classes are good if you have some experience with the basic yoga postures.

1st Class?  Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Or borrow one of ours.  We also carry Hugger Mugger mats available for purchase.  Arrive a few minutes early to sign in & get settled. Let the instructor know if you have any special conditions they should be aware of. Wear clothing appropriate for exercise. Layers are nice so you can remove a layer if you get warm and add a layer for warmth in final rest/meditation. We practice in bare feet. Eat a light meal about 2 hours prior to class and be sure to hydrate adequately before, during, & after yoga.  Most importantly, come to class with an open mind. That's really all you need...

Do I need to take a Beginner's Series to get started?  No. Our Beginners' Series is offered periodically. Although the series is a great way to get started, it is not necessary. Many people join the series after they've been practicing yoga for a few months. What you really need to do to get started is simply to start. Go to class. Allow about 4-5 classes to get comfortable with the flow, poses, format. Try the various classes that are offered to find what is best for you. Most often a blend of different classes is best.

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just come to a class?  You do not need to make a reservation for regularly scheduled classes. Reservations are often required for special events or programs. If reservations are needed for an event, it will be specified on the schedule. Walk-ins are always welcome.